App Privacy Statement

 This privacy statement governs the use of this application. It does not apply to other online sites, products, or web services. This app accesses the internet only to retrieve the app content. No personal information is stored or collected.

  • The application needs your permission to access your information, photos library, media playback, data services, web browser component and network capabilities to work efficiently.
  • The application does not collect or transmit your personal information in any manner.
  • The application can download data from websites or services and temporarily store such data on your device to provide application functions. No such data is transmitted to any ad servers or services.

The app will allow you to connect Microsoft and third party services, such as Bing searches and RSS feeds. In order to use the services, you may be required to sign in with your credentials. If you choose to connect to a Microsoft service, the information you send to Microsoft is used by Microsoft to provide the services. Any data sent to and/or stored in Microsoft services is used in accordance to the applicable service-specific agreement. Except as indicated below, Microsoft does not use information you process via the App for any other purpose.

The App may collect data about the use and performance of the App (e.g., how often it is opened, the App functions used, errors encountered), which may be analyzed for purposes of improving the quality, security, and integrity of this and other apps, products, or services. This information is not used to identify, contact, or target advertising to you.