Download it here: TimeNoti App

TimeNoti (based on “Shashank Sharma’s” TimeNoti app for Android) is an all round time notification app providing current date and time of your local time zone & any another time zone you select. TimeNoti offers dynamic real time clocks for both user’s current time zone and selected secondary time zones, customizable clock titles , 11 live tile clocks in total (which updates every minute) and the action center clock (updates every minute).

A perfect color for every mood, The app is designed to match up with your phone’s accent color plus some more flavors are also added and if you purchase premium add-on the you have an entire color palette to select your favorite color. Different clock face for different clocks, there are several simple, elegant, designer and other clock faces to select from.

Now, automatically updated current time for any time zone around the world is just a click away. No need to open any other app, no need to search the web, no need to calculate manually just pin it to the start screen or first time ever pin it to the action center to get the instant time notification.

* 11 Live Tile clocks.
* Custom app UI color.
* OneDrive integration for taking and restoring app settings backup.
* “Action Center Clock” (updates every minute),
* Live Tile support (updates every minute).
* Automatically manages Daylight Savings Time.
* Supports both 12 Hour and 24 Hour formats.
* Provides both analog and digital clocks.
* Different clock faces option.
* Dark and Light backgrounds option.
* App UI is synced with phone’s accent color.
* Custom title support for user selected secondary time zone.
* User friendly app UI with inbuilt help with info and troubleshooting guide.
* Completely ad free.


– 10 Live Tile clocks (In-App Purchase)
– Startup time reduced to half a second.
– Minor improvements
– Speed improvements
– Synchronization improvements.

– Premium Colors (In-App Purchase)
– New App UI colors
– New App Icon
– Bug Fixes
– Minor improvements
– Speed Improvements

– OneDrive integration for taking and restoring backup.
– Backup page can be accessed via settings page’s command bar menu.
– App background can be changed instantly without restarting the app.
– Fixed a clock face apply bug.
– Fixed action center bug causing app crash.
– Minor improvements.


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